Training reactor VR-1

Domestic and foreign reactor users

Since the reactor started its operation, training has gradually became part of curricula of the following universities:

  • Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
  • Brno University of Technology - The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
  • University of West Bohemia in Pilsen - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Masaryk University in Berno - Faculty of Science
  • Technical University of Ostrava - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

To a smaller extent, especially as extended excursions, the reactor training is attended also by students from Faculty of Environmental Technology of Institute of Chemical Tehnology in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science Carles University in Prague, and 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague. Majority of reactor training for students from the Czech universities takes place within the scope of CENEN - Czech Nuclear Education Network, an informal association of Czech academic institutions (departments and institutes) engaged in nuclear engineering education.

E. Wigner Course on Reactor Physics Experiments 2004

E. Wigner Course on Reactor Physics Experiments 2004

Integral part of reactor training is education of students coming from abroad. There is a long term cooperation with Slovakia (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava), Germany (TU Dresden, Fachhochschulle Aachen), Hungary (TU Budapest) and Austria (Atominstitut TU Vienna).

Education for foreign students is organized within the scope of European education network ENEN. One of the most important activities at the reactor is a three week course of experimental reactor physics, the Eugene Wigner Course on Reactor Physics Experiments for students from member and even non-member states of European Union. During the E. Wigner course students pass theoretical preparatory courses at STU in Bratislava and then they conduct experiments at respective university reactors in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. E. Wigner course is organized regularly each year, the first one took place in spring 2003. Lectures for foreign students are given in English. It is also the language of instructions for every experiment and proceedings for recording and evaluation of measured values.

There are also particular courses organized in cooperation with IAEA, e.g. the Training Course on Research Reactor Operation for young Bulgarian specialists organized in the years 2005 and 2006.

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