Training reactor VR-1

Water management

Water system provides the following operating functions:

  • maintains required water quality in both reactor vessels (H01 and H02),
  • changes water level in both vessels, e.g. from maximum level at the level of overflow to complete draining,
  • transfer pumping of water from H01 vessel to H02 or H03 and vice versa,
  • water heating in H01 or H02,
  • transfer pumping of water from H01 or H02 to liquid waste treatment system,
  • demineralized water purification,
  • provides compressed air.

Water system consists of the following main parts

  • storage tank H03 used for storing of demineralized water in case that any of vessels H01 or H02 must be drained,
  • three pump for transfer pumping of demineralized water from and in vessels H01, H02 and H03,
  • electric heater used for water heating in vessel H01 and H02,
  • demineralization purification station for preparation of extra pure demineralized water,
  • stainless steel tanks below demineralization station and below pumps for leakage drops collection
  • two circulatory pump ensuring slow water circulation in vessels H01 and H02,
  • distribution system for compressed air used by neutron source insertion device, demineralization station and for meeting requirements of experiments.

Regular operational pump check

Regular operational pump check

Operational measurement of the water system provides information about level and quality of demineralized water. It consists of the following parts:

  • water level measurement in H01, H02 and H03,
  • water conductivity measurement of in H01 and H02,,
  • temperatures are measured in vessels H01, H02, H03 and at the electric heater.

All measuring and controlling components, except for the demineralization station controls, are located at a switch board in the reactor control room. A large-screen display with water system schematic located in the control room is part of the water system. It displays actual situation of the water system and position of the neutron source.

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