Training reactor VR-1

Description of the reactor

The VR-1 training reactor is a pool-type, light water reactor based on enriched Uranium. The neutron moderator is light demineralised water, which is also used as a neutron reflector, as biological shielding, and as a coolant. Heat is removed from the active core by natural convection.

The reactor has the shape of an octahedral body and is manufactured from special shielding concrete. There are two pools in the reactor – stainless steel vessels marked as H01 and H02. Both are practically identical, bu their functions are different. The reactor vessel H01 is designed for the active core and the other one, H02, is a handling vessel. This arrangement was chosen predominantly to provide adequate radiation protection and to make some manipulations easier. The handling vessel performs a number of functions, e.g. it is equipped with storage space for fuel assemblies and the vessel can be used to prepare experiments. Both vessels can also be separated by the waterproof corridor gate. This is advantageous especially when the vessels are inspected and checked, or when more extensive adjustments of the active core are performed.

The pool disposition of the reactor enables simple and quick acces to the active core, easy setting and removing of various experimental samples and detectors, easy and safe handling with fuel assemblies, etc. The inside parts of the reactor consist of several function units that generaly are linged to the reactor active core. They are, especially, the bearing system of the active core, the racks, the bearing system of the regulation, measurement channels, operation and measurement piping, and the fuel assembly storage in the vessel H02. In the reactor vessel there is a platform that makes possible the handling in the active core and in its neighbourhood when decreasing the water level



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