Training reactor VR-1

Open Access to Large Research Infrastructures – Training reactor VR-1

1. Definition and scope of open access

Training reactor VR-1, which is operated by Czech Technical University in Prague is a large infrastructure for research, development and innovation in the sense of Czech law 130/2002 Coll. In the frame of targeted support by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, the CTU in Prague offers open access to VR-1 training reactor for the purposes of research, development and innovation.

Open access to VR-1 training reactor means "the opportunity to carry out research, development and innovation activities at the premises of VR-1 reactor utilizing the reactor, its experimental and data processing equipment, adjacent laboratories, professional and technical support for such activities from the reactor staff in the fields of safe operation of nuclear installations, theoretical and experimental reactor and neutron physics, nuclear safety, and nuclear fuel cycle.“

Open access is provided to the extent of decision of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic on allocation of targeted support. The access is intended for individuals or organisations from the Czech Republic or European Union. The open access allows also carrying out students experimental works, especially, in the frame of their doctoral, master and bachelor theses as well as students research projects.

2. General rules for open access provision

The operator of the training reactor provides open access to VR-1 reactor to all applicants without bias and with equal chances to access the reactor for all. In case two or more applicants are interested in accessing at exactly the same time schedule, this will be provided to the first come applicant.

The applicant has to apply for access sufficiently in advance (at least 2 month ahead). At the same time as the application requirements on reactor operation, on experimental and data processing equipment, laboratories and the proposal of experiment realisation deadline have to be submitted.

Upon request of a reactor operator, the applicant has to document why, how, and for which purpose he/she wants to utilize the reactor, to enable the reactor personnel to check whether the planned research, development and innovation activities are in accordance with the principles of peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy; whether they are not in conflict with Czech legislation and international conventions which the Czech Republic has to follow in the fields of Safeguards and Additional Protocol (IAEA and Euratom). In case these requirements are not fulfilled, the open access to the reactor will be denied to such a user.

Prior to the beginning of research, development and innovation activities, the agreement has to be made between the reactor operator and the applicant on ways of presenting the outcomes and on the intellectual property rights of the outcomes. The agreement on the intellectual property rights will allow for the type, amount and demands of research, development and innovation activities and shares of user and provider on these activities. The agreement is made individually with each reactor user.

3. Submission of application for open access

The applicant for open access has to fill the application for access to large research infrastructure. The signed application should be send to administrative office of the Department of Nuclear Reactors, at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, at the Czech Technical University in Prague, V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Praha 8, or its scan could be send to email, and in cc to Unsigned or incomplete applications will not be processed. The up-to-date version of the application is accessible on webpages www. both in the Czech and English languages.

The application for open access will be discussed by head of Department of Nuclear Reactor and the head of reactor operation and it is consults with the scientific advisory committee. After being recommended by the head of the department, the application will be directed to a designated reactor employee – a professional access guarantor.

Notification of application acceptance or refusal, allocation of date and duration of access will be given within 21 days from the date of application delivery. The approval of access range and duration takes into consideration the applicant's proposal, however, the reactor operator has the right to assign the range and duration of the access according to his best deliberation.

4. Rights and duties of open-access user

The user of open access has the right of free entry to standard VR-1 reactor operation, its standard experimental and data processing equipment, adjacent laboratories, professional and technical support under the supervision of the reactor staff. If additional costs are generated by open access user, the reactor operator can require the payment of such costs by the user. The user has to be notified about this fact in advance, before the beginning of the research activities.

The open access user has to respect the rules of access into the reactor hall and adjacent laboratories, observe all rules and principles of nuclear safety, radiation protection, physical protection and occupational safety.

The open access user has to provide all required personal data necessary for the entrance into the control area at least 3 workdays before the beginning of their activities at the reactor. The personal data should be delivered to the access guarantor.

The open access users have an obligation to make a reference to the VR-1 training reactor on which they performed their activities, i.e., research, development and innovation. They also have the obligation to make a reference to the decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic on its support of research infrastructure installations.

The open access user has to to give to the VR-1 operator the copies of all research reports and scientific publications of all types which were produced with the support of open access to the reactor. The copies have to be sent in electronic form to and in cc to, or in printed form to the administartive office of the Department of Nuclear Reactors, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, V Holešovičkách 2, 180 00 Praha 8. The research reports must be sent within 2 month after finishing the report; the scientific publications within 2 month after their publication.

5. Validity of conditions for open access

These conditions for open access to large a research infrastructure – the VR-1 training reactor are valid from January 1st, 2016.


Request form for Open Access to Training Reactor VR-1 in pdf

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