Training reactor VR-1

Technical visits at the reactor

Providing public information is another important part of the training reactor's mission. High-school and/or university students as well as members of the public, visit the reactor. Technical tours are additional activities and can be provided only unless the reactor is routinely operated or during an outage. The tour's programme is didactic; containing a lecture, a site visit and a reactor operation demonstration. Information on all important aspects of nuclear energy production is also provided. Technical tour visitors have provided always very positive feedback concerning the tours.

Reactor operation and I&C international workshop participants are visiting the reactor 2007

Reactor operation and I&C international workshop participants visiting the reactor in 2007

The technical visit requirements

  • Technical visits are primarily suitable for high-school and university students, not for individuals.
  • Only individuals that are older than 18 are allowed to entry the reactor site. Exceptionally, individuals younger than 18, who are systematically preparing themselves for future employment, are allowed to enter the reactor site.
  • One visit is limited too maximum of 30 participants including accompanied persons.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to enter the site. Guns and explosives, drugs, food, and drinks are strictly prohibited at the site
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the reactor hall under the influence of alcohol or drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Mobile phones and other communication devices are not permitted at the reactor hall.
  • List of participants has to be provided in advance (download on this page). Fill in the list on PC. Required information: name of organization, date and time of site trip, names of participants, passport numbers of all participants. The list has to be signed and rubber-stamped by the responsible organization.
  • List should be emailed in PDF at least two workdays before the visit. The provided list is definitive.
  • Each participant has to be stated on the provided list and has to have the proof of identity with the number identical to the number stated on the list. Before the reactor hall entrance the list will be checked and only satisfactory people will be allowed to entry.

Technical visit preparation

  • Read the “Requirements” chapter carefully.
  • Reactor excursions are not primary activity of the reactor operator, that is why the terms of technical visits should be negotiated in advance. Visits are taking place between 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Other questions and terms may be discussed. Kindly send an e-mail to: .
  • Detailed instructions can be sent via email providing there is a spare time in the reactor schedule.

Technical visit procedure

  • Participants are instructed and their proofs of identity are checked against the list. They have to sign the list, they agree to visit the reactor site of one’s own risk and they undertake to adhere to the instructions.
  • Group of the participants should have coats, shoe covers, and dosimeters.
  • Visits last usually 1.5 to 2 hours, including entrance and exit procedure
  • Leaving participants should measure themselves using dosimeters and wash their hands.


  • Attendants’ at the technical visit requirements in Pdf
  • Template of the “Participants lists” in Doc
  • Template of the “Participants lists” in Odt

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