Training reactor VR-1

Radiation protection at the reactor

Radiation protection of the reactor is defined by the Czech law as a system of technical and organizational precautions leading to reduction of irradiation of persons and environment.

Through very good reactor shielding and highly sophisticated system of manipulations with radioactive materials, fundamental requirements on workplaces with ionizing and neutron radiation are strictly followed at the reactor in accordance with valid regulations and the ICRP 60 international recommendation. According to the Czech law the reactor is classified as a very significant source of ionizing radiation and belongs to the IVth category (of ionizing radiation sources). Technical and organizational precautions, that are to be kept at the workplace, hence comply with the regulation.

As radiation protection is concerned, the control area is defined at the reactor workplace. The area is so delimited to guarantee that only enough professionally and health capable persons, that are aware of possible work risks and are adequately equipped, can handle radiation sources and that the consequences of eventual radiation accidents will be held as limited as possible. This is achieved through persons' movement regulations, protective barriers creation, and eventually also through construction works, way of working, monitoring extend and other precautions adequate to used sources of radiation and way of treatment with them.

The reactor is under permanent dosimetric monitoring which includes monitoring of workplace and personnel, outlets, and the environment of the reactor. The base monitoring is performed by RMS VR-1 radiation monitoring system containing detectors of neutron and gamma radiation and monitors of radioactive aerosols. Outlets monitoring includes treatment with solid, liquid and gas waste that could originate at the reactor workplace and that could contain radioactive materials. Due to nature of reactor operation and power level being achieved, the amount of radioactive waste is practically at zero level. The reactor operation has no impact on the environment.

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