Training reactor VR-1

Physical protection of the reactor

Physical protection of the reactor is, according to Czech law, defined as a system of technical and organizational precautions against unauthorized actions with nuclear facilities, nuclear materials, and selected items.

Physical protection of the reactor and used nuclear materials fully respects valid SONS (State Office for Nuclear Safety) guidelines on physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities. These guidelines result from IAEA recommendations.

Physical barriers, the electronic guard alarm, and the IDENTIS electronic evidence system for entering persons belong among technical precautions. Organizational precautions are fulfilled by corresponding regime instructions and precautions focused on monitoring of entering persons (especially of frequent visits). A special precautions is held for fuel manipulations.

The entrance into the reactor workplace is closely monitored (by recording into the diary the visits or by identification chips). Only authorized persons should issue the entrance permission. Visits at the reactor workplace have to be accompanied by approved member of staff. Before the entrance into the reactor workplace, the entrance check is carried out.

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